PWA technology for mobile eCommerce

A lot of companies while considering mobile development face the problem that fewer and fewer people want to install an app on their mobile device. That is why in 2015 Google introduced a new technology called PWA.

What is PWA?

The Progressive Web App is a web development technology, which adds features of mobile applications to the websites. In other words, this technology transforms the website into a mobile application.

As a result, the user doesn’t need to install it from the Apple Store or Google play, unlike the native app. Users can switch to progressive applications right from the links on social networks, while browsing the web or directly from the search engine results.

According to Google research, 53% of users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Progressive applications deliver much better performance than traditional web apps. Among other advantages, PWAs provide offline access to the users as well as notifies users about events, updates and discounts by sending a push notification.

In fact, Aliexpress is a successful example of the introduction of PWA in e-commerce. By implementing the PWA technology company increased the conversation rate for new users by 104%. Some more cases with implemented PWA technology:

  • Twitter increased the number of viewed tweets per session by 65%.
  • Lancome increased the conversion rate by 17%.
  • OLX increased engagement by 250%.
  • The Washington Post significantly reduced a page load time up to 80 milliseconds.
  • Forbes achieved over 12% of new readers.

Companies that are focus on online sales are always looking for tips for Web and Mobile eCommerce and new ways to maintain a constant connection with the potential buyers. Among traditional websites and mobile applications, PWA technology offers a simplified interaction with minimum effort required from the customer’s side. Progressive web apps support automatic updates, offline mode, push notifications and instant installation.

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