Implementing a PIM system for a manufacturing company: what do you need to know?

One system for complete data management and data re-usability

In fact, every manufacturer faces a situation when there is more and more product data come up and there is a need to learn how to quickly update it and exchange.

Product data has a great impact on the efficiency and quality of the sales process and finally on the relations with customers.

In order to manage this process, there are various solutions, ranging from storing data in an Excel database to more automated multifunctional systems.

Once you decided that your company needs one centralized source of information — you will definitely look for a PIM system.

What exactly the PIM system is and why your company needs it?

The process of organizing, storing and updating data is called Product Information Management and software that is designed to complete these tasks is called the PIM system.

PIM systems help manage information about products within the company, track changes, accelerate processes, store all information in one place and provide complete product information to potential partners and customers.

Another extremely important feature of the PIM system is the ability to work with information received from different sources: websites, print catalogs, reports and, of course, electronic data.

Master data management with a central information source

Product Information Management system centralizes and organizes all the information about your product (all the marketing and technical information).

It supports workflows and processes, builds an integration endpoint, improves the product information enrichment and provides complete product information to potential partners and customers.

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Product Information Management and distribution process

The product data is collected and enriched by many people within the company and as a result, the quality of information is dramatically improved.

The PIM system creates a central place for consistent data distribution to other applications like websites, online catalogues, e-commerce (B2B, B2C, B2X), product configurators, product selection tools, printed materials.

How product managers, sales and marketing specialists benefit from the PIM system?

Product Information Management software allows making your sales and marketing team focus more on data quality and minimize the time for repeatable activities.

It reduces constant and manual data entry work makes the search for products easier and provides up-to-date product inventory information.

The PIM system allows storing multiformat information created in various environments and it’s systemizing to a common standard. The system creates a centralized source of data for further permanent use in various IT systems, sales and marketing operations as well as communications with customers.

There is no perfect PIM system for every kind of business.

Choosing the right PIM solution might take some time. But before you start, you should define your business needs and after that check what solutions on the market are more suitable.

Right Information is a perfect match when standard software is just not enough. We provide custom software solutions and IT services to digitize your business.

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