Implementing a PIM system for a manufacturing company: what do you need to know?

One system for complete data management and data re-usability

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What exactly the PIM system is and why your company needs it?

The process of organizing, storing and updating data is called Product Information Management and software that is designed to complete these tasks is called the PIM system.

Master data management with a central information source

Product Information Management system centralizes and organizes all the information about your product (all the marketing and technical information).

Product Information Management and distribution process

The product data is collected and enriched by many people within the company and as a result, the quality of information is dramatically improved.

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How product managers, sales and marketing specialists benefit from the PIM system?

Product Information Management software allows making your sales and marketing team focus more on data quality and minimize the time for repeatable activities.

There is no perfect PIM system for every kind of business.

Choosing the right PIM solution might take some time. But before you start, you should define your business needs and after that check what solutions on the market are more suitable.

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