Digital workplace: self-service applications, knowledge sharing and collaboration tools

The rapid spread of coronavirus has forced many businesses to change their priorities. Even the offline service companies have tried to quickly adapt to the new reality.

Obviously, when the story ends, many businesses will return to their usual routine but the need for change will continue or will be used as an opportunity. A well-known trend towards digitization will now receive a powerful boost.

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The outbreak and self-isolation forced many employees to start work remotely. A lot of companies immediately provided remote communication tools however, it did not resolve all the issues.

Generally, the outbreak has shown that modern IT infrastructure can provide a remote workflow easily, but with a significant loss of efficiency.

What are the most common issues companies are facing today?

Lack of traceability, knowledge sharing, online service...

The implemented software is not integrated with the whole business environment.

Companies were working on the implementation of various systems, applications, and software tools to support and optimize daily operations but the outbreak and work-from-home reveal the new challenge.

Very often existing systems and software solutions are separately based on different platforms and limit work capacity. To ensure workflow continuity IT Directors must provide data and systems integrations.

Lack of self-service in B2B eCommerce affected Customer Retention

There is no other way out but rely on eCommerce in order to keep running. B2B and B2C customers may be self-isolated, but that doesn’t mean that the company can’t provide them excellent online service.

First of all, companies should think about how to leverage technology to address customer demands, and then think about how to make the buying experience more convenient in the current circumstances.

The growing trend of Self-service tools and applications is taking the leading position. Chatbots, selection and configuration software, customer portals, CPQ systems provide excellent buying assistance and customer engagement.

By expanding the capacity for self-services and digital sales, the company will not only handle more requests and purchases but also freeing sales and account managers that could handle more complex and unusual tasks.

The remote work has increased barriers to knowledge between employees

The knowledge sharing concept is all about taking the knowledge of an individual and transforming it into organizational knowledge. The exchange of experience and knowledge within the company can be implemented in various ways by organizing workshops and meetups, creating F&Q portals or using ticketing systems.

However, only IT platforms called knowledge sharing systems allow creating appropriate conditions for automation and efficient collection of specific knowledge within the company.

The manual analysis and processing of such information would not allow implementing the strategy on the right scale.

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Transparency is no longer “nice to have”

Having open communication helps in the areas of sales, production, supply chain or logistic disruption. The main goal is to provide maximum transparency for two-way communication and flexibly adapt to customer demands and requests quickly.

Fortunately, customer portals and digital platforms help properly digitize the interaction with customers, providing them detailed information about products, instant access to ordering tools with stock availability or delivery tracking.

The self-service platforms are more and more the main collaboration space and companies expect to give their customers 24/7/365 access to the product, sales or engineering tools.

A properly designed system can lead B2B customers through all stages of the transaction without human touch experience, up to the moment of product delivery.

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