B2B Portal development
B2B customer portal development

B2B Portal is an effective service tool for all parties included in the B2B sales process. It provides customers, suppliers, distributors with all required business functions and becomes the main collaboration space. There are several facts that might indicate that you need to automate your B2B sales process:

  • B2B customers spend a lot of time on collecting orders from catalogs and price-lists.
  • Sales managers spend a lot of time on order coordination with customers.
  • The B2B company cannot organize efficient production loading and shipment.
  • There is no transparent communication with customers.
  • Distributors don't have up-to-date information on the product's availability.
  • Sales managers are overloaded with paperwork.

These are the main triggers that help you think about B2B Customer portal implementation and fill the gaps in the sales flow.

Advantages for B2B business

For the company, it is an effective way to reduce costs, eliminate human errors and ensure B2B customers with transparent service. Sales managers don't have to process hundreds of requests by phone and spend a lot of time on emails changing.

Capabilities of quick and clear feedback build the image of the company and attract new customers. The system takes into account all pre-defined conditions and ensures B2B customers with accurate prices, discounts and loyalty programs.

Advantages for B2B customers

For the customer, it is a possibility to have 24/7 access to real-time information about the products and services of the company.

The portal provides the ability to track orders in real-time and increases the transparency of each operation. Customers will not miss promotions, discounts, bonuses and have time to take advantage of all the benefits on time.

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