Initially, the software is developed to solve specific business problems according to existing requirements based on selected technologies.

The typical reasons for modernization are lack of maintenance, changing business requirements and inability to implement required tasks within the legacy framework/technology.

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Legacy software definition

Legacy application as an information system that may be based on outdated technologies but is critical to day-to-day operations. It may refer to applications, platforms, tools and programming languages that required to be replaced by modern technologies.

Very often the need to modernize a legacy system occurs due to the certain limitations or lack of functions that the software should…

What is the best way to evaluate the idea and turn it into a digital product?

Obviously, the good approach is to make a clear plan of execution, timeline and budget. Usually, people start with research or business analysis. However, it can take a lot of time and bring up more questions than answers.

Another way is to set up a brainstorming session and invite all team members. In this case, the meeting can turn into an endless discussion where each participant will try to assert their point or idea.

We see that the most effective approach to defining the…

how to plan budget for software development
how to plan budget for software development
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Every successful project starts with two things: a project idea and an adequate budget.

Ideas drive innovation, of course, but without a clear budget plan, your project can end up in failure.

The main purpose is to prepare a budget that will meet your expectations and will help to deliver project goals.

What things determine your project budget?

The software requirement specification (SRS) and statement of work (SOW). You should define an ultimate list of features that should be developed first in order to save your software project budget.

Very often, many features that were originally considered as necessary became not essential parts of the application…

ways to increase software development velocity and reduce time to market
ways to increase software development velocity and reduce time to market
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Nowadays, it is important to keep moving faster. You need to shorten your time to market or your customers will switch to competitors who can provide them with new opportunities.

This is why there is an eternal question about how to meet ever-shrinking deadlines while maintaining high-quality code?

In this article, we’ll overview the common aspects of software development that have the most notable impact on the velocity and result.

Ensure that you’re on the same page with the team

The performance and velocity depend on the contribution of each member and the human factor here is very important. If you’ve already started the development process and not satisfied with…

The rapid spread of coronavirus has forced many businesses to change their priorities. Even the offline service companies have tried to quickly adapt to the new reality.

Obviously, when the story ends, many businesses will return to their usual routine but the need for change will continue or will be used as an opportunity. A well-known trend towards digitization will now receive a powerful boost.

webshop development

A webshop is a complex website with a wide range of functionality. However, it is not enough to build a page and just fill it with products. If the structure and navigation of your webshop is confusing and complex it will not bring any value to the business.

Planning the webshop structure is a fundamental stage regarding the development, marketing, SEO, and internal business processes. Without a thorough analysis, it is almost impossible to develop a structure that will be affordable for customers, employees, and search engines at the same time.

There are some problems that may arise in case…

B2B Portal development
B2B Portal development
B2B customer portal development

B2B Portal is an effective service tool for all parties included in the B2B sales process. It provides customers, suppliers, distributors with all required business functions and becomes the main collaboration space. There are several facts that might indicate that you need to automate your B2B sales process:

  • B2B customers spend a lot of time on collecting orders from catalogs and price-lists.
  • Sales managers spend a lot of time on order coordination with customers.
  • The B2B company cannot organize efficient production loading and shipment.
  • There is no transparent communication with customers.
  • Distributors don't have up-to-date information on the product's availability.

A lot of companies while considering mobile development face the problem that fewer and fewer people want to install an app on their mobile device. That is why in 2015 Google introduced a new technology called PWA.

What is PWA?

The Progressive Web App is a web development technology, which adds features of mobile applications to the websites. In other words, this technology transforms the website into a mobile application.

As a result, the user doesn’t need to install it from the Apple Store or Google play, unlike the native app. …

One system for complete data management and data re-usability

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In fact, every manufacturer faces a situation when there is more and more product data come up and there is a need to learn how to quickly update it and exchange.

Product data has a great impact on the efficiency and quality of the sales process and finally on the relations with customers.

In order to manage this process, there are various solutions, ranging from storing data in an Excel database to more automated multifunctional systems.

Once you decided that your company needs one centralized source of information — you will definitely look for a PIM system.

What exactly the PIM system is and why your company needs it?

The process of…

Case Study

The international company in the chemical industry specializing in engineering and production of high-quality materials such as plastics, nylons and petrochemical products generates a lot of technical and measurement data related to its products, which is continuously compared with market regulations and specifications defined by its clients. This process is done mainly manually, time-consuming, prone to errors and involves different business units.


During the engineering and production process, each material is examined in the laboratories and described by a technical data sheet (TDS). …

Right Information

Right Information is a perfect match when standard software is just not enough. We provide custom software solutions and IT services to digitize your business.

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